Newland Supply Co. was established by Joe D’Arcy and Will Parsons in 2015 with the aim to offer the finest purposeful products to fulfil every aspect of the adventurous lifestyle, because the spirit of adventure needn’t stop once you’ve unpacked the car.



In the summer of 2015, on a camping trip to Cornwall, Joe and I decided we needed to find an outlet for our creativity which combined our love for the outdoors lifestyle and a creative format. We fired a few ideas at each other whilst sat around the campfire and found that we wanted a product that would keep all of our camping gear and valuables in one place that was more versatile than simply a zip up pouch. So with necessity being the mother of invention, we came up with the idea of The Convoy Pack.

A week later and with many broken sewing needles we had our very first packs made. It was at this point where we decided we wanted to take this further and start a clothing and accessories brand with the aim of producing ethically sourced, high quality clothing which focused on clean design and using British manufacturers.

Now we needed a name...

Everything we had done and designed so far had brought us back home, so it made sense for us to choose a name that reflected this. Home for us is Newlands Lane, a small wooded lane in our village in Oxfordshire, which we grew up on - it was the best place to start.   

And so Newland Supply Co. was born and we’ve never looked back.


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