By Feuerhand

There is nothing quite like the warm light of a paraffin lantern to bring a sense of nostalgia to your campsite setting.

Ever since we bought a 1930’s Feuerhand lantern from an antique store in Cornwall, we’d never go back to the typical battery operated lanterns which produce a really artificial light. That’s why we’ve chosen this lantern to join the Campfire Collection, because once you own one you’ll never look back, plus they make your ghost stories better.

Made of high-grade 0.3mm sheet steel and hardened wire, it’s coated in paint for effective rust proofing making it ideal for any outdoors excursion. It also features a long top carry bale, self-venting hood, and bottom fuel regulator. The glass globe itself is made of legendary Schott-Suprax glass.

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The bottom reservoir has an 11.5oz capacity and is completely leak proof. It's easy to fill and will burn kerosene/paraffin or any other cool-burning lantern fuel for up to 20 hours, with optimum brightness with no flickering or sooting.

- Tank volume: 0.34 liters

- Burning time: approx. 20 hour (s) 

- Material: Steel, galvanized

- W x H x D (in cm): 15 x 26.5 x 13.5

- Weight 530g

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