Alpine Awoken By Joshua Fuller

As I woke, peeled back the curtains the wilderness town was engulfed in thick fog. 

my eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. I scattered around the hotel room, strolled out the lobby doors with my coat and camera to be greeted by the brisk morning chill. 


The fog was low so I stuck to a valley trail towards Zmuttgletscher. The Matterhorn disappeared from sight along with all other glacial peaks. There was a slight mist rolling in from the south which exaggerated the forest atmosphere and provided the perfect moody setting in every direction. 

The autumnal change of the landscape showcased various tones like I’d never seen before and the barely existent wind gave me the greatest sense of freedom. 

unnamed (1).jpg

During the decent back down the valley the fog started to lift and disperse across the town of Zermatt. It opened up a window allowing me to capture some of the peaks that encased the beautiful scenery. 

The vibrant green of the mountainous forests and the rich tones of the landscape around the base of the Matterhorn, it was quite the story book beginning to a Sunday morning.

unnamed (4).jpg

After traveling back to the hotel I sat on the balcony with a tripod and a 300mm lens to capture beyond civilisation. 

The scenes were incredible, how the distance became visible and the foreground felt within arm’s reach. The ability to create a sense of scale within a photograph is something I love doing and on the morning of my last day in the Alps I felt at home... I felt connected to the beautiful landscapes this planet holds. 

For more epic shots from Joshua check out his website and Instagram @joshua_fuller_

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