Motorcycle Diaries - "To The Pyrenees" by Fabio Purroy

It is friday evening when my mind comes back to the times when I used to pack & get ready for a  family roadtrip to Ordesa Valley. I remember the two and a half hour journey, listening to Dire Straits on most of it and the road… that simple two-way country road along its 170km, where the white line divides those who left from those who return.


However, some years after the highway came to replace the winding road. Four monotonous lanes, which reflect the haste and priority of people for the destination instead of the trip itself. Do not get me wrong, I am not a critic of the highways but a lover of the old routes. What I experienced from them.


Friday evening. Preparing my backpack again, just like 16 years ago. Hours later, early in the morning, the single piston starts the ride.

Leaving the city, the way goes sheltered by the forested hills of  Elorz Valley. You need 30 minutes to reach Loiti pass and then you see them for the first time. As the last of the horizons, the Pyrenees.


After skirting Yesa lake, the road enter into Huesca territory. At this point different directions get through the adjacent valleys. The trot of the engine sounds between the walls of the canyon, the flow of the river accelerates as you gain height and the small mountain towns are lost after each curve.


So once again, like years back, the aim of the destination is given by the feeling to reach it. It resides on the road.