By Kelly Kettle

It’s been a bit of a rough nights sleep as you thought you’d cleared the ground where you were sleeping of sticks, but one sneaky root seemed to creep its way in there… it’s now time to get some coffees on the go. Forget gas burners which not only sound like miniature planes taking off and also run out of fuel, the only choice for us is a Kelly Kettle. There is nothing quite like keeping the little fire stoked inside and the smell of wood smoke to join your sunrise view to make the perfect morning.

This Stainless Steel kettle and steel fire-base boils 1.6ltrs (approximately 6 cups) of water at a time and doesn’t take long at all. This size is ideal for anglers, car campers, Scouts, picnics, hunters, garden allotments, wilderness survival kits, humanitarian aid, or anyone who works or plays in the outdoors.

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They are as tough as old boots with nothing to fail or break and work extremely well in both good and bad weather conditions. For us they are a vital piece of camping equipment for any outdoor person and that’s why we’ve included this one in our collection. The best bit is you can use whatever natural fuel is lying around (twigs, dry grass, heather, Birch bark, Pine cones, dry animal dung, etc) and they’ll bring water to the boil within a matter of minutes. So you’ll never need to carry fuel again.

- 1.6 litres capacity

- Stainless steel construction

- 7.3 inches (widest point at rim of fire base)

- 33 cm (packed)




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