By Kelly Kettle

If you are looking for that authentic outdoors cooking experience then look no further. If we’re not burning sausages or boiling water on an open fire then a Kelly Kettle is always used. We prefer using it to a gas burner simply because all of the fuel you need, such as twigs, sticks & pine cones, are all around you. Plus, you can’t beat the smell of wood smoke in your clothes, also known as campfire cologne.

This is an awesome Camping Kit which is great for fishing, hunting, Scouts, family picnics, car camping, and kayakers alike.  Add it to your wilderness, weekend or survival kit as it makes superb camping gear or for anyone who works in or enjoys the outdoors.

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- 1.2ltr Stainless Steel 'Scout' Kettle & fire base.

- Cook set - which includes: 0.85ltr Pot / Frying Pan (pot lid) / 2 Piece Grill / Gripper Handle

- Pot Support - two pieces which flat pack for easy packing.

- Cup set - 500 & 350ml cups with silicone Cooling pieces, silicone coated fold-able handles, measurements on the inside of the cup & polished interior for easy cleaning.

- Hobo Stove  - for cooking over the fire base.

- Camping Plate Set  (All the accessories are made from Stainless Steel)   

- Drawstring carrying bag




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