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 A Newland exclusive print by our favourite illustrator Matt Sanders. Details include the signature Oxfordshire bird of prey, the red kyte and of course a British classic and institution a Land Rover Defender MKII.
Risograph Printed on FSC certified paper. This method is environmentally friendly, low energy, and generates a minimal amount of waste using soy based inks and works in a similar way to screen printing to produce unique outcomes.

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"I’m from the south coast of England, currently living in Melbourne. I love the buzz and creativity of a city but need to have a slice of the great and ever glorious outdoors nearby. This has been the basis of my location choices for a while now. I lived in Canada for a year (where I first met NSCo. co-founder and true gent, Joe D’Arcy) and was completely spoiled when it came to having nature right on my doorstep.
The majority of my work stems from the outdoors and is generally a reflection of how I like to spend my time. It has been really refreshing to produce this print based on Joe and Will’s experiences, while still remaining within my creative parameters.
My work also includes but is not limited to; words that rhyme, bicycles, cute little animals." -
Matt Sanders

Risograph printed in London
11.7” x 16.5
Frame not included


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